Success Stories

wilcania-guerrero1My name is Wilcania Guerrero,  my nick name is Zuleika, I grew up in the orphanage since l was 9 years old, My parents abandoned me and my brothers. When I was very little I lived in different houses, with many problems and school became very difficult for me.

In the year 2000, I came to live with my oldest sister who was sick and dying. Her daughter was taken to the Orphanage because my sister could not take care of her. When my sister died I was alone again, but on December 4th, 2000 people from the Orphanage came to pick me up and gave me the opportunity to change my life.

I am now a grown up woman, grateful for God and all who have helped me to be better. I finished my studies in Altos de Chavón School of design which is affiliated with the well-known Parsons school in NYC.

wilcania-guerrero4Now I’m a graphic designer and a plastic artist, I have also gone to college to study marketing, I will be forever grateful to the Orphanage and especially my school sponsor Elizabeth Bonetti.

Now I’m working on a very good advertising agency, and when I get home or when I get inspiration, I do my paintings because I want to do an art show in New York City to mid or end of 2016.

God has been good to me and has given me a lot of people to support me for which I am very grateful.

I will always be grateful and I will never forget who I am, and those who made me be who l am today.

Thank you Lord.







We are proud to display on our website some of Zuleika’s work that is for sale. Her paintings portray the happiness that overwhelms the children at the Orfanato and all of the love that she feels for her family there. Click here if you are interested in looking at some of her work.

genesis-semleMy name is Génesis Semfle milisde I’m 19 years old now. I’ve been living at the orphanage since I was a little kid. My mother passed away when I was 6, from then I decided to do my best in everything that life put in front of me so I started with the school. I really wanted to help my family in all the way. In 2009 people from the starfish Foundation who donated computers and an English course for us chose me to represent the Dominican Republic and also the orphanage in their annual gala in New York City. I started practicing volleyball the same year. Mario Galletto donated a volleyball court for us to play and practice also paid for coaches and all the necessary things for the team. Two years later some professionals saw me playing and decided take me to Santo Domingo and practice with the junior national volleyball team. Since then I’ve been representing the Dominican Republic all around the world in countries like, México, Cuba, Perú, USA, Thailand, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Czech Republic etc. Now I’m applying to get a scholarship to study nursing in the USA. I really want to give back all the help and support that I’ve received.








My name is Yosaira de la Rosa, I am 23 years old, I was born on March 4th, 1993 in La Romana, Dominican Republic. My mother died on May 16th, 2000  and on July 1st my sisters and I were brought to the Orphanage. Our lives were very difficult before coming to the Orphanage, we lived off the charity of the neighbors, since our father was very poor. My father died in the year 2005. I received a scholarship because of my excellent qualifications at Colegio Evangelico Sinai. I have always been an excellent student. I speak English like a second language, I belong to the Province team of volleyball, I took a curse of speech, I am now studying Law at the UniCaribe College of Santo Domingo. I plan to be a lawyer to defend children and people in need. yosaira

120910_534829-tdy-120910-Fior-Mendez-fashion.blocks_desktop_small My name is Fior Mendez, I was brought to the Orphanage in 2003 because my mother had a mental disease. The Orphanage has changed my life completely. I completed high school at the Buena Vista school and then was sponsored to attend school in the Bronx in New York where I am studying modeling and English. My dream came true on September 7th, 2012 when I made my debut as a model during the Runway of New York Fashion Week. I am now on a student visa to the United States but have another dream, to become a TV journalist. I will work in school to make my dream become a reality. I can not thank enough those that sponsored me and my brothers and sisters at the Orphanage, who love me and pray my success.

My name is Luz del Alba and I have been at the Orphanage since I was 12 years old. I am now 24 years old. I was born in La Romana on May 12, 1988, my mother had mental problems and gave me away to a lady that never sent me to school. I arrived at the Orfanato on December 4, 2000. I was enrolled in first grade immediately and the teacher moved me up to third grade.  Then I was moved up to sixth grade and then to eighth grade. In four years I was able to finish the eight years I missed and my grades were always excellent. I am now in my third year at the University in San Pedro (UCE) studying Dentistry and doing well.   I love the Orphanage and consider it my home and my family. My life has been changed because of the nurturing I received at the Orphanage.  I am very grateful for the help I have received from my donors that has enabled me to go to the University.

Keila Ramirez

My name is Keila Ramirez and I was born in 1988 and arrived at the Orphanage in 1997.

I studied at the Universidad Adventista Dominicana and graduated with a major in psychology. I was able to attend the university due to the generosity of my sponsors, Ann Vazquez and Taty Lopez.

I am now giving back by working as a psychologist for the children at the Orphange. I would like to thank my sponsors for the help and love that I received from them. In December 2013, I was the first in the history of the Orphanage to be married. The marriage was celebrated in the chapel at the Orphanage and attended by my friends, sponsors and the children of the Orphanage.