About Onlus

Founded at the end of 2015 the ONLUS (Children Who Wait), it is proposed to provide support to the children of Christ orphanage located in the Dominican Republic, which takes care of the primary necessities of children also contributing to the education and in turn we offer the possibility of Have a better future outside the orphanage. Children attend schools outside the orphanage thanks to the help of sponsors that offer the opportunity to attend a private school that guarantees them a better education, thanks of this we also have children who attend universities.

In 2015 We began to provide medical assistance to the children of the orphanage thanks to the existing protocol (World wide) Gaslini, which is also involved in the Gaslini hospital in Genoa, some Genoa club ratari, also at the University of Genova was created a project Which offered medical assistance within the orphanage with the possibility that people from the community with low-income could receive medical assistance.

Our Mission:

Help Niños de Cristo to provide orphaned children with a home, health and education through college to help them become independent and productive members of their communities.

Who We Help

Orfanato Niños de Cristo welcomes Dominican and Haitian children who have been abandoned and physically and/or verbally abused. These children used to live in dangerous and unsanitary conditions, oftentimes having to beg on the streets to survive, suffering from malnutrition and lack of access to education. In the Dominican Republic, orphanages are almost non-existent and government funds are extremely limited, making our orphanage one of the few ways through which these children have a chance for a better life.

Sponsor a Child

Our Sponsor a Child program is the strongest way that we can transform a child's life together, by making him or her a part of our and your family. As a sponsor, you will play an integral role in the life of the child, providing guidance and support thrownghout his or her life as well as giving them the hope and motivation necessary to pursue their dreams. Become a full sponsor by making a $30 contribution per month and help us raise a child in the orphanage. This cost will help us cover basic necessities such as food, clothing and shelter.