Orfanato Niños de Cristo has a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation in the United States operating under the name Amigos del Orfanato, Inc. All donations are tax deductible to the extent provided by law. All funds are diligently appropriated to the use designated by our donors. Records are maintained regarding each specific donor and donation. sponsor-modesta We comply with the Dominican Republic government requirements to present an annual report indicating our donations and expenses. We also prepare monthly statements and compare them to our annual budget in order to ensure adequate allocation of resources. We strive to be great stewards of our donors’ financial contributions. In previous years, most of our resources were spent on housing, health, and education projects. Also, all of our fundraising efforts are pro bono.



Frequently Asked Financial Questions

Are donations tax deductible?
Yes, to the extent allowed by law. Orfanato Niños de Cristo has a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation in the United States named Amigos del Orfanato, Inc.

Can I give in-kind donations?
Yes! Provisions such as food, drink, clothing, shoes, school supplies and medicines are always needed.

Can donations be made online?
Yes, donations can be made securely online by clicking here.

Can an individual designate a gift to a specific child?
Yes. Individuals can designate within the scope of the budget that Orfanato Niños de Cristo supports by participating in the Sponsor a Child program and/or sponsoring a child’s education. For more information, click here.

Can an individual designate a gift to a specific project?
Yes. Individual donors can designate a donation toward a specific project if its included in the Orfanato Niños de Cristo general budget. Education, food, housing and health are some of the largest projects. Click here for more information.