What is Sponsor a Child and how does it work?
Sponsor a Child is an opportunity to personally connect with one of our children and become a source of support during their stay in the Orphanage. When you sign up, you are committing to making a $30 monthly donation to ensure the child receives adequate food, clothing and housing. In return, the Orphanage will put you in touch with the child so you can start and build a personal relationship with them. The children will develop more fully with the knowledge that someone cares about them and their future, having an incredible impact in their lives.

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How can I Sponsor a Child?
You can sign up here!

What is the cost to Sponsor a Child?
Sponsoring a child implies making a $30 monthly donation. This contribution will help us cover the child’s basic necessities relating to food, clothing and housing.

Will I be the child’s only sponsor?
By participating in the Sponsor a Child program, you will be the only sponsor helping cover the child’s basic necessities. However, the child you’re supporting might have another sponsor supporting their educational dreams.

May I sponsor more than one child?
Absolutely! We have many children who are not currently sponsored and need your help.

Does my donation go directly to the child?
Your Sponsor a Child donation goes to the orphanage general fund so we can provide food, clothing and shelter to all the children in the Orphanage. In addition, you will enjoy a special relationship with the particular child you select to sponsor.

How can I stay in touch with my child?
When you first Sponsor a Child, you can communicate via email, telephone and Skype.

May I send gifts to the child?
Yes, we will arrange that your gifts are given to the child you’re sponsoring. We can help you arrange the shipment!

May I visit the child?
Yes! You are always welcome to visit us and spend time with your sponsored child. Please contact us to arrange a visit and obtain more information on traveling to the Dominican Republic and visiting the Orphanage.

Sponsor Me!

How long does the child need a sponsor?
A child needs love and friendship all the time. The children are without the support of a normal family structure so you will help us fill this role. As long as the child is living in the Orphanage, you may be that child’s sponsor.

How can I help with a child’s education?
Orfanato Niños de Cristo helps our children attain 3 levels of education: elementary school, high school and college/vocational school. You can help support the child’s education at any of the levels. For more information to support a child’s education, click here.

How are children selected for sponsorship?
We select children from various age groups so that our sponsors have the opportunity to select the child they wish to sponsor.

Are donations to the Sponsor a Child program tax deductible in the United States?
Yes. Orfanato Niños de Cristo has a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation in the United States operating under the name Amigos del Orfanato, Inc. and all of your donations are tax deductible to the extent provided by law.