List of Basic needs:

As an orphanage and non-profit institution we have many needs, but these are the most relevant.


rice, beans, meat, cereals, pigeons, sugar, salt, canned food, milk, wheat flour, corn flour, bread, vegetables, chocolate, olive oil, salt.

school supplies:

notebooks, backpacks, pencil sharpeners, white school socks, black shoes, notebooks, erasers, pens, pencils, markers, lunch boxes, cardboard, construction paper, blank pages.

Hygienic products:

Toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, soaps, sanitary towels, deodorants, shavers, body creams, toilet paper.


vitamins, calcium, acid folic, band aids, anti flu, dewormer, B complex, antiallergics, tablets for menstrual cramps, aspirin, nasal waters, etc.

We also need shoes, flip-flops, sports shoes, clothes, panties, shorts, stockings, brasiel, and flannels


We invite you to be part of this great team; any help you can give us with any of these items will be of great blessing to our children,