Who We Are:

Founded in 1993 in La Romana, Dominican Republic, Orfanato Niños de Cristo is two orphanages housing orphans and/or children who have been victims of abuse. Regardless of their nationality, we are dedicated to improving the lives of the children we receive with open arms - focusing on education, health and housing.


Our Mission:

To provide children need with a home, health and education through college to help them become independent and productive members of the communities.


Crucial part of every child's development and growth is education. At Orfanato Niños de Cristo we give great importance and value in providing the children we house with an education, but also a Tutor who follows up on the child's educational progress.

As our children under our care become older, their education needs change and their education costs increase from elementary to high school and college . We try to give high school graduates the best possible education available based on their career interests, aptitudes and sponsorship funds available.



We are constantly receiving volunteers from around the world looking for the unique experience that only Orfanato Niños de Cristo can offer.

Share your skills and abilities with our children,volunteer today.


Sponsor a Child

Our Sponsor a Child program is the strongest way that we can transform a child's life together, by making him or her a part of our and your family. As a sponsor, you will play an integral role in the life of the child, providing guidance and support thrownghout his or her life as well as giving them the hope and motivation necessary to pursue their dreams.

Become a full sponsor today, through different programs and opportunities.